sâmbătă, 14 septembrie 2013

Still persons

It seems better to refrain from doing something which overcomes your powers than to do it and thus to risk of showing to everybody your limits.

For your limits are not limits for yourself, but the shapes of your person. When they are hindered from the other people, they act against them through their concealment, since the eyes are naturally designed to see everything. Therefore, when you keep the shapes of your person, however it be, you never can be defeated.

Nonetheless, the concealment is not easy to keep. The body has a visible nature which always gives birth to the impulse of being seen by the other people. The sexuality especially drags you before their eyes. In the case you are not prepared for such a meeting, the sexuality saves you by providing an interplay between visibility and invisibility: the visible bodies serve for the invisible pleasure and for the sake of the invisible pleasure the bodies accept to become visible to somebody else.

For this reason, the sexual pleasure keeps us as persons, in spite of the idea that it makes us to be like any other animal.