sâmbătă, 21 septembrie 2013

To take care of

To take care of you does not mean to execute a limited number of functions as eating, sleeping, or having sex. Far from such simplicity, it rather implies an unlimited dispersion into many activities for defending you against the huge amount of threats from the large external world.

Moreover, it is hardly to feel that we are something else than the dispersion itself.

Accordingly, to take care of somebody else involves a double dispersion. We prefer to deny this dispersion, especially when it is the case of rearing our children. No parents would dare to think they do not make their child to become a definite person, since it is the object of their care. The physical appearance of the child as a definite person conceals that it is an uncontrollable dispersion, too.

For this reason, the parents are bent on hoping that their personal dispersion will be stopped by their child. When it is pushed for occupying a social position or simply to be a healthy individual, the child would fulfill the impossible duty of bringing its parents in a definite shape.

In fact, the parents can at most to provide for their children positions from which they will farther disperse. And the ambition for offering them such positions is often a way to put the children away from the personal care.