vineri, 11 octombrie 2013


A dead body is not completely lifeless. The corpse becomes a suitable environment for other forms of life and still determines the life of other people as it did when it was alive, even if it does so only through its appearance in their dreams.

It seems that the corpse does not lose the life itself, but rather the consistency of life.

 The consistency refers to the capacity of the same body to undergo many experiences of life without long discontinuities. This definition of the consistency of life never can be fulfilled by a dead body.

 Therefore, we should not think that the possession of life is the difference between life and death. And where a thing is not in our possession, it is beyond our control. The difference is rather that consistency and it is evident that it is not under our personal control. We depend on the many other things and persons which become objects of our experiences.

Consequently, the attempts of living by dominating our life raise us above the nature of life. We are rather closer to the monstrosity of the images of corpses which overcome their poor life.