luni, 7 octombrie 2013

Opportunities for death

If it is about of an opportune moment for quitting your life, it probably would not have anything in common with the current reasons for suicide.

The personal troubles do not assure a reasonable decision, since the suicide momentarily confirms that you were needed as a principal actor on their stage. How could be opportune to quite an affair where you play a significant role?

On the contrary, it would be opportune to put an end to your life when you see how it comes to work without you.  It works so especially in your most peaceful times, as it usually happens in the age of maturity, if you had the chance to enjoy a moderate fulfillment of your troublesome past ideals. The moderate achievements lose the personal marks, so that it is right to say that the life goes on without you.

However, the suicides in peaceful times are rather perceived as anomalies. For it is a primary lesson of biology that the life means more than any individual. The life eventually ceases to be questioned and is simply lived. Almost all the animals seem to know this, since they do not count so much after their personal involvement in reproduction. The troublesome suicidal persons have not enough time to know this truth, but they confirm it through the fact that their death does not count so much for the lives of the other people.