miercuri, 30 octombrie 2013


If we see that the cosmic order is like the order of the musical rules, of the biological forms of life, or of the mathematical relation, it is not a reason for praising the order or a supposed creator of such an order.

Since all is pervaded by order, it ceases to be a real object of adoration. We and most of the things around us are simply in such a state of order and we never use to praise the most common things or their creator (the most common things have unknown authors).

More impressive is the link between those states of orders. The link is rather uncommon, since it implies a different image of knowledge than the usual gathering of information. The different states of order mirror each other and they do not increase by such mirroring as we do in the common experience of knowledge. For instance, the biological structure of an ant does not gain anything by its similarity with the cosmic order, but it seems only to found itself as in a mirror.

At the same time, we know that our image into a mirror is not our real image, but only one of its reflections. Therefore, we cannot use the observed mirroring of the order of the human beings apart from this very phenomenon of reflection. For instance, we can see ourselves in music only as long as we hear it.

The real image is in fact affected by various kinds of disorders. And the observation of different orders becomes a painful experience when we undergo a huge amount of daily disorders. We see in order what we should be, though we cannot really be. It is still a desirable pain, since to look into a mirror means to not be blind.