joi, 24 octombrie 2013


Your life is not a continual repetition when you do the same things day by day, but when you leave the high repetitive reality of the succession of days to become the main ordering force of your life.

The rush for living nice or memorable days can suppress the feelings of boredom, but cannot raise you above the fear of an overwhelming end which derives from the dead nature of the repetition of days. That rush is in fact our defensive reply to the fear of a possible end.

On the contrary, when the life is organized according to a self-imposed order, the slow repetition of the same things breaks the order of the days. The things start to have their own history and succession. It is the history of their ascent to perfection.

The perfection as their end becomes your most appealed image of the end and death. Of course, it is a desirable end, but the fears of a possible end of your life still persist if you do not succeed in subordinating all the days to your goal. It is a harder fight than that for reaching the perfection, because all the things around us have a daily arrangement. Many fail in this fight especially because a daily life includes a comfortable time of rest, even if the rest granted by sleep is our clearest experience of death.