duminică, 20 octombrie 2013


The self-confidence cannot be acquired by an obsessive repetition of the words ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘my’.

Or, it can be, only if those words are spoken as loud as it is necessary for concealing through their sound the fears of being aware of your individual self.

The individual self is mainly a bundle of fears, since there are not any internal justifications for it as a whole. These are the fears of a possible disintegration, as we currently perceive the internal composition of our body. Any intellectual or spiritual virtues are in fact isolated features when they are self-perceived by the individual in its loneliness. For instance, nobody is a physician or a scientist by oneself, as long as it is not called so by somebody else.

The fears about our body disappear when it is seen and wanted by other people, though its internal sensation of pleasure is replaced by their pleasure. Their desire makes it to seem complete. In the same way, the fears about our self disappear when we succeed in exposing that appearance which can be noticed and desired by other people. Therefore, the self-confidence measures the capacity of putting into play a self which is fully enjoyed by somebody else. Surely, the name ‘self-confidence’ is wrong.