sâmbătă, 26 octombrie 2013

Silence about pain

Some words you say about you just mirror your state of mind, though they are meant to explain it.

So are especially the words which describe you in extreme situations: ‘I cannot stand up to x any more’, ‘I cannot help myself with x’, etc.

As long you are in an extreme situation, the words are useless and any explanation goes back to the past sources of those situations, so that it cannot express their very terminal state.

Words cannot be faithful mirrors for our states of mind. They amplify or diminish them. The words which amplify a bad state of mind are recognized by the fact that they become more important than it, while diminishing words are those which allow you to return to your state of mind for releasing other words about it.

In the second case, your bad state of mind proves to be merely a fruitful subject of conversation. In the first, your words are unable for conversation and thus unable for being expressed at all. A non-wordy experience like listening to music can be a better mirror for your pain.