sâmbătă, 19 octombrie 2013


The world comes to its extinction through our senses. Any sensation makes a part of the world to become our own part and so its entirety is diminished (for instance, the things we see become our image of them). For we perceive the world as a whole only if we do not know it.

It is difficult to accept the great and progressive loss of the world through the gradual accumulation of sensations. Therefore, some mature people take the decision that the fragment of the world in which they live to be viewed as the entire world. In other words, this is the decision for occupying a definite social status.

The fragment is implicitly accepted as a world of consumption, so that there are admitted inside it only the things which can be easily consumed. Therefore, the common and large interest for news should not deceive us. The humans are not interested in discovering the whole world, since all that is perceived as a new easy fits into the old patterns of the personal worlds.

A glimpse of the world as a whole ever to be consumed by us is rather assumed by those sensations which take as their objects those aspects of the world which do not wait for being consumed by humans, but consume themselves. Of this kind, it is especially the smell. The odor or the smoke can be perceived and consumed only after a former waste of the matter. It is a happy coincidence that scents, smokes, or perfumes are associated with feelings of freedom from the consciousness of our own world. Also, as it happens with the cultish incense, the smoke was thought as a way of touching another world.