luni, 14 octombrie 2013

The rule of growing

The body has a history of development under the authority of the rule of growing, maturity, and decay, which sometimes is illustrated by the authority of parents. When they are present in the life of their offspring, the natural respect they receive from them is mainly due to the unclear feeling that the parents represent that overwhelming rule. The same overwhelming rule is responsible for the fights between children and parents. The respect and rebellion are two conjoined attitudes to something which overcomes us.

The choice of a sexual partner is an act by which the body revolts against its history. The sexual act defies the progression of growing and decaying by a maturity of sexual organs which mimic the life stages during a short time of erotic experiences. Moreover, the sexual partner is put out from his ancestry by considering its body only according to its presence in the erotic pleasure. Almost any organ can be transformed into a means of pleasure, though it mainly represents an instrument of living under the above mentioned rule.

The revolt of the body against his history is always defeated by the faint spirituality we add to the sexual relations. The words we address to our sexual partners or by which we describe our sexual experiences are always borrowed from the common language of young, mature, or old people. We are turned back to the historical life of our body and we spontaneously create histories of love which are ever poorer than the timeless presence of the sexual experiences.

Generally, we accord a privileged status to the mature words. Since the maturity is an age when we are fully aware of the history of our body and we want to master it by creating our own history, the sexual partners are often used for beginning new generations of bodies which obey the rule of growing, maturity, and decay.