vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Unreal actions

When you do what the other people expect to give them, your deeds cease to be real actions. Also, they are not fully your personal actions.

For to give supposes that someone put an end to the activity of preparing the thing he is about to offer to somebody else. And such end turns the entire action to those who will benefit from it.

The common opinion encourages people to rejoice in these acts of self sacrifice, since the social ranks are conceived according to the amount of contributions to the welfare of society.

The self sacrifice is not paid off by the possibility of acquiring riches or other goods for your contributions, since they are dead and impersonal as your actions for other people.

Therefore, many times we have nothing to tell about our past actions. We recall easier our jobs and duties. It is the same experience like that of looking to our pictures which inevitably represent us in immobile postures.