miercuri, 23 octombrie 2013

Warm darkness

Even if the progress of knowledge is commonly associated with the image of a progressive illumination, it is in fact contrary to the warmness of any source of light.

We start to be humans in the warm medium of the dark womb. The first acquisitions of knowledge are not due to the light through which we see different new things. They are rather approached in the virtue of our natural warmness, since they are assimilated as long as they seem relevant to our bodily existence.

Since our body is smaller than the things which present to the mind for being known, they bring the mind out of the warmness of its bodily medium. They instill in humans the need of light and change their original preference for the warm darkness. But it is not a need of the human nature, but a need of living for the nature of the things which thus become seen and known. The school makes this need to be perceived as our own need as social beings. Also, the school trains us in the acceptation of a cold medium, because the few warm things in education are not caused by the abstract process of teaching and learning itself.

Only the darkness which covers the mutual touch of the sexual organs reminds to the adult humans about the warm darkness which had provided them the first knowledge. However, the disappointments in love remind us that such knowledge is definitely lost. The disappointments are generally caused by the false idea that the sexual partners known in the darkness could be really known in this way. In fact, the adults have made a long progress in the cold light of knowledge and hardly could be faithful to what they know in the darkness.