miercuri, 27 noiembrie 2013

An ideal dwelling place

The church seems to be the ideal dwelling place for a human community.

The conflicts between the members of the same community are moderated when they know that they have to live in the same place and also the feelings of indifference are greatly removed.

At the same time, the idea of living together is one of the sources of the conflicts.

Therefore, it is necessary to posit an extraneous reason for the fact of living together than the goal of being members of the same community.

In a place like a church, the members of the community know that they live together in that place for such an external reason. Though they form a community, each of them is there in the name of a personal relation to somebody who would be different from any of the members, since he is a god.

In other dwelling places, each of the members of the community tries to build for himself a personal and external motivation for living together with other people. For instance, the members of a family need often to remind themselves that it is worthy being a mother, a father, or a son. Many of them make use of the external social habits of praising the motherhood, the fatherhood, and so on as like as the believers call for God.