duminică, 3 noiembrie 2013


Someone who addresses words of blessings to somebody else reveals the fact that our important words have to be associated with some parts of our body.

The hand is used for pushing the words of blessing from one person to another.

The wish for persuading others through our words is also a desire for pushing the words with our body. In this way, we hope that the words will become touching words. For this reason, the public orators always accompany their speeches with gestures. But if the words themselves are lacked by any importance, our bodily use of words can only to impose ourselves to others, but not our words.

To promote your body can be a wise strategy, since we love bodies more than words.

And when we accept someone’s physical presence, we are ready to accept his or her words, even if they have no meaning. Therefore, the successful orators are often those who have nothing important to say.