miercuri, 6 noiembrie 2013

Desired blindness

Frequently, the main mystery of existence which is foreseen in divination is the death of a person.

It is somehow a paradox: an art by which the man gets the power to see consumes itself in pointing to the moment when somebody else ceases to be seen.

Since the foreseers answer to the questions of the people who believe in their power, we may say that the people are interested in seeing their death, even if they pay the price of giving up the normal capacities of seeing. It is the desire to see yourself at the moment when you are not actually seen and you cannot see.

The desire to be seen for not being seen also describes the sexual desire. In its case, the expected and unseen pleasure is found after we see our partners and become seen by them.

It seems that the highest peak of seeing is the total blindness and not the most precise sight (some bugs seem to endorse the same thing when they look and go to the sources of light).

Therefore, we use the surrogate of indulging ourselves in being blinded by the unimportant daily things we see, though our aspirations were formerly directed at higher sights.