joi, 28 noiembrie 2013

Extreme lucidity

We develop our moral conscience by indiscriminately mixing into a whole what is good and what is beautiful to do, and what the authorities ask us to do.

To act well comes to mean to plunge into a confusion with which other people agree.

Meanwhile, the bad is known in clear forms. Not because we would have a clear meaning of it, but because it is known as something which wholly belongs to us, since the other people condemn us for it.

Since the bad has the privilege of being clearer than the good, the wrongdoers cannot be accused of being confused people. On the contrary, they prove an excess of lucidity.

For instance, a murderer or a molester knows the simple truth that we really can do everything we want with another human being.

Therefore, the morality cannot proud itself as a way of illuminating people about the correct behavior. It must primarily to become a pleasant and seductive manner of blurring the human lucidity. A simple “do what the society wants you to do” is far from being seductive.