luni, 18 noiembrie 2013

Narrow civilization

The progress of the mankind is most visible through the objects we use in an epoch or another.

They seem to measure how the mankind extend itself and conquer the non-human reality.

However, we may interpret such expansion in a defensive way, since all the invented objects follow the pattern which is applied in the changeable fashion. The clothes are created for protecting our bodies and for making us agreeable to a society which could refute our naked or bad clothed body. In every case, there are envisaged those people who can see us or be in contact with us.

The technological progress and the elevated discourses of the civilized world diversify the range of the same pattern. Our weak personalities can be defended by hiding them under the ability of using and possessing variegated technological means. In the same manner, we become publicly accepted if we can use an elevated language about the high values of humanity.

Again, the target is the nearby public and so the progress is not bothered by the non-civilized world, in spite of the precise information we can get about it through the same technological means.

Far away from it, all the civilization we use to claim for us is contradicted by the cruelty and the poverty of the non-civilized world. The victims cannot hide their weakness like us, but the narrowness of the civilized world does it in their place. It seems that it is vital for a civilized man to not see and recognize his natural weakness in other people. Anyway, he could gain only a narrow and shallow civilization, not higher than the trivial concern of choosing the best clothes.