marți, 5 noiembrie 2013

No real loss

We work to make for ourselves different images under which we can present and hide ourselves from other people. It is a play of maximizing our personality which we play from our childhood onward.

Though we clearly know that such a play involve a lot of schemes of dissimulation, we are attracted to those persons from whom we can get a similar image and we take it as their real image. We ignore any legitimate suspicion that they have built their image like we continually do.

This sudden ignorance may be explained through the fact that the attractive image is partly our own work. We agree to see it as an attractive image.

The anger we feel when our expectations about someone’s image are betrayed can be likened with that we feel when the results of a successful game are contested. That image is accepted by us as the final result of a game, since we are not interested in discovering how he or she has built it and how we contributed to its formation.

With a less inclination for dramatizing our life, the betrayals and disappearances of those about whom we had formed attractive images do not mean a real loss. Their images were already finished from the beginning and they live so in our consciousness for a while. Eventually, we learn to live with all of our own past images which never has realized at full: the clever child, the daring young man, the responsible adult and so on.