sâmbătă, 2 noiembrie 2013

Noisy things

A lie is an evil not only because it hides the truth, but also when it speaks abnormally loud about the subject matter it falsifies.

A liar tries to hide himself under the loud speech. For the same reason, he suggests that the loud words belong to the falsified things.

Thus, some of the false speeches of the great dictators bother at most because of the high volume of their sound. The force of the sound replaces the message of the words and makes the audience to believe that the spoken things press upon it.

The common experience of this kind of discourse is felt in the area of advertising. The commercials speak in the name of the things and the useful things come to us forcibly. Surely, we are not oppressed by a dictator and we have the freedom to refute the advertised things. However, the way by which we do this is also an act of violence. Therefore, it is hard to escape from the force which was introduced in our relation to them (the abstinence from the common things is a striking way of life and a sort of advertising the simple life).

The nowadays tension between things and humans causes a difficulty in establishing our responsibility for the well or bad dealing with them. When we voluntarily renounce to the advertised goods, we can be suspected that we were not able to procure them. Also, a man who acquires a lot of things can be absolved for the guilt of being greedy. He seems rather a victim of the force of those things.