duminică, 24 noiembrie 2013

Real passion

Though a passion is caused by its object, its main effects are not felt in the relation between the passionate one and the object of his passion, but in his way of life.

The passion stresses his rhythm of life. A simple day becomes a stage in his passion and so the succession of the days shows itself as a series of grave steps to the indefinite end of the passion.

When the object of the passion disappears, be it a person or an ideal, the life cannot return to its normal rhythm. By a normal rhythm of life, we mean the faint passing of days according to the succession of the movements of the earth.

When the object of passion disappears, the grave steps learned in the course of the passion do not carry the man to a certain goal, but dig into his present life. Therefore, every day seem to be a problem and to hide a meaning which cannot be reached in the absence of the object of the passion.

The unrest caused by that rhythm describes a passionate life. Those who have this sort of life naturally replace the lost object of their passion with another one. Thus, they prove the secondary importance of the objects of their passions. For the outside observers they seem to be unserious in their passionate feelings. If the objects are persons, they seem to be simply conquered by sexual desires. However, a passionate life embodies the passion more than a passion confined to a single object or person.