vineri, 8 noiembrie 2013

Taking someone's soul

Some Judaeo-Christian traditions associated the woman with the Devil (for instance, in the myth of the snake which makes the woman to eat from the forbidden fruit).

One of the reasons is their equal power to enslave or to take the soul of a human being.

To take someone’s soul means to take a human being totally in your possession.

We do not know how the Devil would succeed in doing so. As regards the women, we know that they do so by attracting someone’s eyes. And this means that a man can be totally present in his own eyes and then delivered to the woman.

Surely, the same fact is available for both genders and not only in the context of sexual attraction. For instance, it is a common strategy of entertainment.
Those women who take the men into their possession in this way become the subject of scornful names as like as the Devil is treated by religions. For it is an unacceptable thought for a man to recognize that he does not really exist than through his own eyes which are filled by the image of a different person. His life does not belong to him and such state can be identified with a murder and the woman with a murderer.

The language becomes the means for revenge because it is also the main instrument by which we conceal other unpleasant natural truths. If we detach from the problem of attraction, we can see that nobody accept to be defined by the small parts of his body, even if his life is totally lead by them. Who could recognize that he is only a humble user of his brain?

If we recognize that the power of attraction is a natural truth and a natural gift of some persons, we should concede that all the humiliations they generate against other persons and against their own social reputation are also natural. But it is a different kind of natural fact than those about which the natural sciences or religions speak praising the overall order of nature.