vineri, 1 noiembrie 2013

The dead society

We have a history of dead people behind us. There are more people who died before us than those who are alive now.

It is not only a statistic claim. The huge number of dead people weights over those who are alive through the many thing and ideas they bequeath.

They left them silently and unintentionally, so that we can attribute to the dead people the force of inspiring the living ones the silence and the unintentional acts. When we refuse to talk and act without deliberation, it can be said tat we already live like we will scarcely do in death.

We keep ourselves silent when we are found of ourselves in an egoistical manner. And we act without any deliberation when we lose the confidence into a society ordered by rules which force us to take right decisions.

Though someone who acts egoistically and refuses the society has a weak presence among other people, his position proves to be supported by the stronger society of dead people. We adopt such behavior especially when we get old, so that it seems that the force of still being alive is drawn from our dead ancestors. They prepare us to become dead ancestors, too.