vineri, 29 noiembrie 2013

Unseen goals of life

The most important goals of life are those which cannot be seen, but about which we can imagine that they somehow look upon us.

Their look is perceived through the fact that we must always to take care of the way we follow for reaching those unseen goals. Because of the tension they instill in us, the unseen goals become more important than those which can be seen. The latter are only accessible targets for our sight and cannot act upon us. Among them are the most of the social ranks and positions which can be easily seen and described by looking at other people.

The more important goals concern the desires of self improvement. They cannot be seen among other people because a self cannot confound itself with another self.

Moreover, since they are not seen, we cannot precisely know when we touch those goals. Who could be sure that he did reach the height of his possible improvement?

For being closer to them, we need both the effort of following the way to them and the power of not following instead one of the many unimportant goals with which everyone meet in the ordinary course of life.