joi, 7 noiembrie 2013


The personal achievement may lead us to success, but it cannot lead us to the feeling that we found ourselves or that we arrive at home.

The success opens our space to a public recognition and thus let other people to share in our person, even if they do it praising us.

Instead, the failure belongs to us in the deepest sense. The emotional wounds are like physical ones. They open holes in ourselves and so they get us down to ourselves. To find ourselves should mean exactly this sort of coming down, since we lose us by spreading out in the outer and public space.

Nonetheless, not any failure qualifies for being able to drive us to ourselves. It can do this only the failure which happens after a great effort to reach the achievement for us, not for the appreciation that would come from other people. If we strive for being successful in others’ eyes, our failure becomes only a show we perform for them.