marți, 17 decembrie 2013


An external viewer of the daily movements of a person without being informed about her mind and words can see her as a ridiculous little item moving in a huge frame of things which are totally indifferent to her life.

At the same time, we implicitly confess that we cannot get an overall view of our life and thus we are confident in its great value because we are caught in the midst of the things which surround us.

Therefore, it seems that the things which are indifferent to us make us to believe in the great value of our life.

In this respect, the surrounding things conform to the fact that the indifference means to let other people to live by their own.

When we believe that we got a lot of meanings of our daily life, it is a sign that we live by ourselves and that we lost the normal grip on the real things.

Someone who prides about his busy life is always preoccupied with the things which have a human and thus an artificial origin. The nature does not interfere with our lives. It rather stays in our nearby and finally takes us entirely into it.