joi, 26 decembrie 2013


We cannot choose whatever we are able to choose.

Sometimes, one single thing we have chosen gives shape to our entire life by attracting together with it other things about which we could not imagine that were among the things we chose. And those other undesired things restrain our freedom of options.

Surely, this situation occurs especially when we chose persons to be a part of our life: husbands, wives, and children. They have enough force to fill our life with those other things.

Nonetheless, the common and early experience of loving one person or of following one ideal has this consequence, but it is not felt because the unchosen things come into our life slowly. The images which move into the mind of a young person are faster than them. Though caught into the narrow road of an ideal, a career, or a love, the youth have the eyes filled by those images and think that their life still could be in many different ways.

For an older man, the fast play of imagination becomes a play of modifying but not choosing the things which invade his life. That play fascinates because it offers the goal of bringing the things into a better state and those it raises the ambition of wining.

However, if we succeed in having a good marriage, well raised children and the best results in our career, all the personal prestige we got still lacks the choice as its primary source. And the choice makes a thing to be a personal thing.  If we got only victories, they do not really belong to us and for this reason we need appreciation and gratitude from other people. The prestige is a social affair and not a personal achievement.