sâmbătă, 7 decembrie 2013

Dangerous smile

The habit of appealing to a psychological background of the persons who make errors is not a sympathetic way to see them.

The non-professional psychological scrutiny claims to be a means for understanding other people. But such an understanding is mainly an opportunity for the amateur psychologist to boast himself in his knowledge.

Though his knowledge supposes a greater acquaintance with the analyzed persons, they are in fact banished, since the discovery of their psychological background shows them belonging only to that faraway place of their mind or of their past experiences.

The psychological insights seem gently manner of dealing with the people who offend us because they are thus placed too far from that closeness which create tensions between humans, but also a real mutual concern.

The gentle smile of an amateur psychologist is only his smile, but the harsh judgment of an amateur judge is an affair which involves both the judge and his victim.