duminică, 29 decembrie 2013

Raw thoughts

A raw thought should precede its expression through words.

However, we cannot find a thought which is totally free from words.

A raw thought is better known through the words, too. It is known when the words do not follow the pattern of communicating information. According to such pattern, any information can be received and ordered among the things we know. The ordering is granted by the fact that all the things we know use a similar language.

The words of a raw thought come to us in a disordered state. We use to utter raw thoughts in moments of extreme distress, when we have no time to give our words suitable forms. Commonly, those who heard them do not classify them as information, but receive them like physical devices that pull the hearers to some actions. Differently from any information, the raw thoughts are not perceived as some things we know, but as things which need those actions for being known.

The fate of the raw thoughts is not so happy. Like the cries of a child, they ask for action and for interpretation in order to find their meaning. And the cries of a child are understood by a few.

Differently, the common and scientific speeches are merely information. For understanding them, we need especially the knowledge of some particular words and almost all of them leave us unchanged concerning our actions apart from improving our skills of talking.