sâmbătă, 21 decembrie 2013

Silent night

The Christmas as a winter celebration needs to bring the people to an uncommon comfort of life by increasing the warmness and the light.

The coldness and the darkness of the winter time cannot be really fought. The people simply retry from them in their places of dwelling.

And everybody dwells in his own place, so that it is hard to believe that the Christmas is a celebration which could be really shared by a whole community. Moreover, the increased warmness and light confine the small groups of humans to a state of self-sufficiency which stops the needs of being together with anybody else.

The Christmas traditions as carols seem to be desperate attempts to belittle the strong individuality which is discovered by the small groups of people especially in those moments.

Though, those traditions cannot fully succeed to do this, since they also praise a small family and a child-god who cannot speak.

The silence of the god blesses the silent individuality of the people. They escape from the feeling that their individuality could be wrong by learning that it is divine. The generosity felt in Christmas time is not caused by a sudden belief in the value of goodness, but rather a way of decreasing the individuality which has received a divine height in order to fit to the humble value of the human beings.