duminică, 6 aprilie 2014


The laziness is not a pause in the current affairs which someone has to do. There are no current affairs in a state of laziness. The laziness is instead a kind of living comment of the past affairs.

A living comment is more than any other means of remembering the past through words, since the words are insufficient for a thoroughly approach of something is more than a chain of sentences. Moreover, any verbal account of the past fails in depicting it, because the common words cannot match with the personal experience we intend to speak about.

The living comments of the past shows the human beings in a submissive position. They are bent to the means of passing the time in laziness and the common stance of laziness – the man lying in his bed – suggests that all the world rests on that man who has ceased to act.

It is the past world of the actions which have been performed by the now lazy persons. Thus, what we did proves to be something which we had to carry on and not something we did.

We hardly could be awaken from a state of laziness in which only our past shows above as a former strange burden. As a living comment of it, the laziness has enough force to discourage us from acting in the future. The state of laziness is put away only by the outer circumstances which present us the possible future not only as a burden, but also as an enemy. And any fight or challenge keeps on the illusion that we would finally get some personal advantage from a victory.