sâmbătă, 5 aprilie 2014

Religious necessary ignorance

The words that make us to feel better are not themselves in a well state, if we compare them to other informative statements. Contrary to other statements, those words search for forsaking their subject matter – someone’s pain -, instead of approaching it.

Eventually, such words are only digressions from their subjects which are meant to call the man who suffers for moving further from his pain in the same manner. Their imperfection becomes their virtue and it doesn’t matter if they are true or not.

Many times, the things surrounding us are more efficient in alleviating our pains. We could not affirm our pain while doing the small daily affairs concerning our survival. And the banalities could inspire only some perfect and true informative statements. Due to such features, the things move us too far from our pain, until we become one with them. Therefore, when we need consolatory words, we betray the desire to keep somehow our painful state.

The religions make use of this desire. Far from offering perfect and true informative discourses, they make the believers to feel sufficiently guilty, so that to not lose their painful states. The meeting with God’s perfection necessarily must be postponed for a future life. It's not unusual that only a few believers want to really know their God.