luni, 2 iunie 2014

Austere vicious persons

One who lives more or less deliberately an austere life could feel as a threat to his manner of living the possibility of indulging himself into the luxuries or vulgar pleasures.

The possibility shows to his mind as a glamorous image with a brilliance which does not allow seeing through it.

It is an appealing image because of its difference from the current thoughts of an austere person. To catch only the simplest means of life means exactly to go through the various things surrounding us in order to catch the simple ones. The tiredness of this chase for simple things seems to be relieved by the glamorous images which come to us by themselves.

However, each image hides behind it a similar movement of ‘going-through’. It is simply an image only in our mind, but the image belongs always to a possible thing. We are dragged from the image to the pleasurable thing it represents, but our ‘going-through’ ceases in that point and we are sent again to a brilliant image usually of a different, but similar thing. This is the common experience of the ongoing interest for various luxuries, food, or sexual partners. Certainly, it is not a relief from the effort for a simple life, but only a different kind of tiredness. Namely, it is the tiredness of following different images instead of your own will.

The austere man needs some self-esteem for resisting to the temptation of being driven by different brilliant images. Otherwise, he must be aware that his former habit of ‘going-through’ the surrounding things proves to be very dangerous if it is applied to the things represented by those images. He will not know to stop his ‘going-through’ once he would meet the represented things. On the contrary, he will ridiculously try to make from them deeper things than they really are. For instance, he will try to make from a whore his lover, from drinking a passion, from luxuries an intellectual activity. Thus, the ridiculous vicious persons are many times unsuccessful sober and austere men.