duminică, 8 iunie 2014

Lovable fatness

A vulnerable, thin person still counts for other people who are interested in her as a fat one.

A fat person may not be primary perceived as the victim of a disease. She is someone who has an unquestionable relation to the things of the word by showing she has consumed an important part of them and her weight seems to share in the hardness of the things we commonly touch.

If we would put away the usual esthetic feeling that the fatness is a disgraceful form of the human body, the fat persons would raise the peaceful sensation that we have to do with someone who is totally here in the world. Meanwhile, a thin woman or man seems to escape from our direct apprehension until they will confess what kind of place they occupy.

Thus, the fat people are those we could lean on them, if we are in need to feel the present world. Moreover, they seem to support easier any danger of being broken by the people who want to use them for their own pleasure. The sexuality of a fat person implies no dominion over them. On the contrary, they can receive another body into the largeness of their flesh as a different type of tiny thing they usually ingest.

Unintentionally, the thin persons we meet for personal pleasure cannot resist to our assault, even if they agree with it. The assault is the common expectancy to find in other persons a way of improving our place in the world, because nothing confers a strong position to a human being than its relation with other persons. As a consequence, we and they complement the relations with a great amount of words of love. We need words for masking our egoistical desires. They need words for forgetting that they are possessed, be it in a pleasurable way.

Of course, we can live an entire life with thin persons by lying ourselves with words. When they seem to us being an insufficient support or when they revolt against us, the words prove their limits.

We should add that the strong and weak personalities follow the same pattern of fatness and leanness.