sâmbătă, 21 iunie 2014

Real images of nature

Many places have a meaning to us not in virtue of themselves, but because of the means used for coming to them.

The mechanical vehicles prevail as means of transporting in the modern times and so they impose the prevalent meaning of all places, even to those which can be reached only on foot.

Specifically, the places are narrowed in their meaning, so that they can be referred to primarily as points to be touched by the geometrical movement of a vehicle. Currently, the name fulfills this task by its short sound. Second, the places are expected to be caught in an image which also reproduces them in a geometrical way. A photograph or a video has clear geometrical parameters which are applied to the wild nature, too.

Therefore, the nature can be truly seen when it shows by itself its images. The reflections of nature in waters commonly do this and show the nature defying the geometrical shapes.

When a human being can tell its life only in a disorderly way, we also could say that it has some grip on its real or natural life. When it is able to expose a geometrical chronology about itself, we might have some doubts about its apprehension of life.