marți, 10 iunie 2014

'She or he has a place in my memory’

'She or he has a place in my memory’ means that someone was moved in that place of our life where we do not live, but only go through it.

The memory has not the limits of a space which could be inhabited. It has no definite beginning which could represent the threshold of an inhabited space. If we can remember a first memory, it is not a starting and immobile point, but rather a force which seems that has pushed us into life. Also, the memory cannot mark a definite area like the walls of a house. It is always open and ready to include into it portions of our actual life.

For someone who is simply satisfied with his place in the world of things and people, the persons for whom he pretend he has places in his memory cannot bother him at all. He will not know the open and passing space of his memory where they could be met.

The things look different for someone who keeps on scrutinizing his self for finding a place in the world. The self is an improper space of dwelling like the memory. It has not a beginning and an end. Thus, the indefinite searching into your self often follows the same road where we go through the memory which is populated by other dead or lost persons.

Because the self has a shape more blurred than the persons from our memories, it is required much force to not be cheated by them, so that to believe that you are only their product. Commonly, many persons who inquire into their self discover instead how they were oppressed, modeled, and affected by their ancestors or former friends, even if all of them had good intentions. In this case, all of them will occupy a hateful place in our memory, even if they were dear to us, since they destroy our confidence in finding by ourselves a place in the world.