joi, 24 iulie 2014

Complicated persons forcibly

Though the age continually adds many experiences to our personality, we cannot fully perceive ourselves as complicated persons. Our past childhood emotion for the simple characterizations by a single word – naughty, stupid, clever, pretty, ugly, fat, or thin – still remains. Afterwards, the teenager who looks to himself or herself in a mirror spends a lot of time waiting for such a short verdict about his or her sexual beauty. Many times, the new intellectual or behavioral acquisitions would be happily put away for a positive answer about their bodies.

The manner of talking or thinking about ourselves as if we would be complicated persons develops as a virtual excuse for the cases when we could receive a short negative qualification from other persons: „Maybe they see me as an ugly or stupid person, but I am in fact ...” (and we might add a lot of long stories about ourselves).

The adult who can instill to other persons a positive sexual characterization may rest himself from the troublesome effort of creating complicated views of his self.

Otherwise, he becomes satisfied with social approvals: clever, successful, rich, and so on. Though, they are words which cannot be transformed in real facts as the sexual attraction through sexual contacts.

Therefore, we mostly live with the fear of being simple and thus shortly characterized. It is a fear which never ends and we never cease to be authors of complicated stories about us. Death itself shows that we will become as simple as possible in the form of a skeleton or ashes (the Christian believers in the afterlife cannot avoid that fear, since their God will give short characterizations in the Judgment Day).