sâmbătă, 26 iulie 2014

Dark wisdom

In the contemporary society, the wise men are thought to be those who know different forms of ‘how’: those who know how to reach the top, how to live an easy life, how to become rich, and so on.

In the past, the wise men were those who knew some forms of ‘what’: many or deep knowledge and information about God, universe, human beings, magic, etc.

The wise men of the past were generally represented in a cloud of darkness, while the present ones shine in the public view, claiming to be one of us.

The darkness symbolized the distance between their knowledge and the rest of the people who saw only the simple light of surrounding things. The wise man reached to the light, but it was a particular one, not the public light belonging to the actual wise people.

However, for all those who cannot acquire the science of the ‘how’, the contemporary wise men should be represented in the same darkness. In fact, the dominant opinion has transferred the darkness to the ignorant persons.

They are implicitly accused of dark ignorance, stupidity, and social inadequacy, since the light has become a social value. In this way, the old wise men would be equally qualified as stupid people because of their isolation.

Though, there are old-fashioned wise people in our days, too. The what-knowledge has not been exhausted in the old times. They survive without the possibility of resting in a cloud of darkness together with their light. They are in a continual fight with the unjust accusation of darkness, so that they lose much of their force. Therefore, many of them use to choose the weak status of comedians for delivering their wisdom to the public.