sâmbătă, 5 iulie 2014

Fearful communities

Aging, death, or illness does not become scary by themselves. When we are still far from them, they seem to us only abstract things. And an abstract thing causes the astonishment behind something which cannot be understood, but not fear.

They rather cause fear with the help of those people who have been already affected by them. The communities of old, sick, or dead people rise before our eyes frightening us with the thought that we will belong to them.

Though we are aware of the existence of those communities all the time, we have many emotional strategies to keep ourselves far from them. There are negative strategies as despising or laughing at old, sick, or dead people. We usually start from being afraid of them in the childhood and then we despise or laugh at them as a defensive attitude to a reality which ceases to be biologically far from us.

The positive strategies as love or pity for them are manners of keeping the suffering people far from us by weakening their concrete existence. They are not real people, but parts of our compassionate feelings.

The lonely people should be braver than those who belong to a community of health, happy, and living persons and so they feel the fear for not losing their place among them for the opposite communities. However, the lonely people feel better the pressure of suffering communities. They have better insights into themselves, so that they see that every man carries the signs of those communities deeply in himself by being a descendent of old or dead people, or by always fighting for the health of his body.