duminică, 27 iulie 2014

Sexuality as a public affair

Human sexuality seems to be a public affair even if it is consumed in a private space, since everyone’s public appearance is meant to be attractive and the capacity of attraction is the core of sexuality.

The public is never a clear notion. We cannot exactly point to some definite people or to their beliefs when the public eye is simply felt watching us. In fact, the public is conceived as a hazy crowd which stays in the darkness and is ready to blame all those who dare to build for themselves an individual life able to be hidden from other people.

The individuality of the sexual pleasure and the pressure of public eye felt through the attractive function of the body conjoin in a contradictory and thus tensional state. The tension is transferred into the sexual relationships, so that many of them are shattered by fights.

When they are peaceful, we might suppose that one of the sexual partners has assented in a greater degree only for a part of the contradiction. If he chose the individuality of pleasure, his partner is belittled as much as possible for not being considered as a public judge who could blame his egotism.

If he chose to not hide his personal life from the public eye, both he and his partner loose their personal connection for being approved by other people. They are mainly concerned about how to live together as other people do, not about to live together as such.  The members of conformist couples and families are selected from this category.