sâmbătă, 2 august 2014

Dear imperfection

The things we can do by using our body are represented in it as deficiencies. A body seems to be perfect only it is seen by other people without thinking of its needs, but of their own aesthetic or sexual needs.

The body can eat, drink, walk, or have sex. Its organs by which it can do those things are the empty mouth, the motionless feet, the open and empty female genitals or the male genitals hanging like a useless excrescence of the body.

Therefore, the body by itself seems unable to motivate for doing the things it can carry out. Our mind must focus on other things than the body for being able to search for executing the bodily functions: we need to think of food for eating, to a particular place for walking, or to a sexual partner for activating the sexual function.

Thus, the incapacity of using our body always rests in the body itself, so that we should not wonder why so many ill or old people accept their deficiencies. They are felt as personal features. Those who cannot accept them show that they cannot renounce the habit of judging their body according to others’ point of view.