miercuri, 13 august 2014

Sad simplicity

A simple life or a simple thing has an inner principle of simplicity. It has a harmonic structure based only on a few elements.

Differently, a simplified life or thing gains its simplicity by eliminating all the external elements which made it complex in the past. For this reason, the process of simplifying is far from being harmonic, but rather it bears the negative feature of destroying the former complex nature of a life or thing.

Though we are born as simple being, the surrounding things are not simple. To go to the simple natural things supposes the effort of eliminating the complex ones which are always provided by the current social life. Such an effort confuses us enough so that we didn’t know precisely if we meet simple or simplified things. For instance, who does feel his body without clothes as a simple body and not also as a naked body (a body which eliminated its clothes)? Furthermore, a natural landscape is for us an appearance of the simple elements of nature and also an elimination of those complex elements of a city, town, or house.

When we decide for a simple life and succeed in adopting it as our current life, the chances to encounter simplified things decrease, since we chose only simple things and need not to simplify the complex ones. However, as long as we live inside of the society, it is sufficient to see its complexity for feeling ourselves like some parts which were eliminated from it. Therefore, the simplicity gives birth to a gentle sadness. It is gentle because it doesn’t really envy the complexity of the world. And this kind of sadness is inspired by many simple things, in spite of their inner harmony.