duminică, 17 august 2014

The pilgrimage

A certain amount of self-contempt is always necessary before traveling, since the left home contains a great part of you. It is an unmovable part and your departure leaves it without any possibility of masking itself in the guise of a transient state assumed by its owner any time when he is at home. It is revealed now as a permanent part and the cruelty of your discovery supposes a hateful feeling against yourself. It is cruel indeed to leave a man to be seen how he is essentially a bunch of things that occupy his home.

Many times the contempt is counteracted by future outbursts of self-love in other places. The passion of taking picture of you in travels is a common form of self-love.

Those who want to deny that they are contained by their home and define themselves as travelers prove in fact that they lack for a great part of their life. They occupy only a little space in their stories, pictures, or memories about their travels. The things they see or hear are far more important than themselves.

Therefore, any travel seems to be a pilgrimage or a travel made for God. The visited things replace God, being far from humans in a similar way.