luni, 11 august 2014

Tools or parts of life

We use something in two ways: as a tool and its use becomes a habit or as a part of us and its use become a way of life.

The uses of some kind of clothes, of computer, and of some sexual behaviors are all able to become tools for getting a supposed better life and they count to us as habits.

On the other hand, all of those tools can be perceived as parts of us, being responsible for shaping our way of life.

The difference between habits and parts of us is actually seized when we want to cease their use. The habits stubbornly fight for being preserved against our clear will, while the ways of life can be easily put away once we have decided to live in other manner. We fight for quitting smoking, but most of us can change easily the crazy youth time for a serious adult life.

Our beloved persons are also tools or parts of us. A tool-partner often becomes a life long partner because he or she has given birth to a habit of living with him or her. A part of us-partner can be abandoned with fewer difficulties, once we found that a way of life together with another person is better than the past life with the former lover.

Therefore, the despicable seducer may have more virtues than the faithful husband who uses his wife as a tool. The seducer may change different partners for trying different ways of life, though he seems only to use his partners. And it is difficult for a seducer who becomes a faithful husband using his actual wife as a comfortable tool to discover that he lost previously some parts of himself.