sâmbătă, 30 august 2014

Weak states

A state designed for me and my comfort decays as a state, since I am the best controller of what could mean ‘me’ and my comfort. The state as a structure with can provide the welfare of a group of people proves to be a worse and more ignorant servant of my person than myself.

And this is the case of most states of the Western civilization.

They can do more only if they could help the individuals in the core of their individuality, when they seldom can arrive by themselves. We call that core the humanity itself.

The humanity is not limited to an individual or a group of people. Humanity is everywhere in the world.

A state which does not care about the torments of humanity, even if they occur far from its geographical borders, proves to disregard its own citizens as individuals.

Moreover, if the state encourages the individuals to strive for their own comfort, they will lose more from their individuality. Because they will really strive for possessing the common goods which often are not necessary for their own survival, but not for the personal ones among which is their humanity.