vineri, 5 septembrie 2014

Awkward loneliness

The kinds of relationships we have are highly influenced by our previous loneliness.

At least in the beginning, we need somebody to share with us the way of life we developed in our loneliness. Afterwards (or even never), we create a common style of life by combining two different ways of living the loneliness.

Many use to boast themselves with many words which are supposed to describe complicated forms of loneliness. But if we put into question which is the most common place of living the loneliness, the answer doesn’t flatter many people especially from the urban area, because it is clearly the bathroom. Moreover, the bathroom reveals that nudity is another essential form of being lonely, without any help from the clothes which encourage the civilized people to be together. Among others, only a clothed man or woman can speak about his or her complicated personality.

Therefore, the relationships are most often caused by the quest for a sexual partner who could share our bathroom-loneliness and bathroom-nudity. It is still a respectable loneliness, because the bathroom inspires us a sense of self-care which makes us to forget the ugliness or other imperfections of our bodies.  It is a disgraceful way of living the loneliness, too.

If we break a relationship before the formation of the common way of life, we certainly discover that we lived high forms of devotion, love, and feelings of self-esteem (which is now hurt or not), since the bathroom-loneliness taught us to think that we are better than we really are. The disgrace taught also by it is commonly imputed only to our past partners.

Bad joke

The death of comedians or clowns comforts us with the thought that it is eventually a laughable thing.

Their tragedy of dying seems only a small point among the plenty of laughs they cause when they were alive.

However, the existence of only a fatal drop of tragedy in a life conceived as a comedy tells that a life guided by man in a particular way cannot defend itself not even against the smallest part of what cannot be under our control.

The power of a little man over an infatuated giant is an appropriate image of the power of death over life. And that image is one of the best themes to be used in comedies. Besides, death may represent a more real comedy than any other we perform in our life, because to be dead is clearly a more real state than all the ways of living.

In this case, to live in a comic way is a bad joke or at least a worse joke than that told by the fact of dying.