luni, 29 decembrie 2014

Addicted to Life

Sometimes, when we see very old men living we thought that they are addicted to life. Their bodily condition seems to disprove their desire and steadfastness of living and it seems reasonable that in a way or another they should put an end to their lives to which they are addicted.

Maybe the old age reveals us an addiction to life we always have. We don’t see it only because we add to it other addictions that we call duties or goals of life.

An addiction is the power of a small thing over an entire person and many times the person identifies with that thing. The addicted persons may be nothing else outside of their addiction.

Similarly, the life should be a small thing which finally makes us as small as itself. Like any other addiction, our preference for living cannot have any meaning or sense besides the life itself [the drug itself explains the addiction to it].

It is wrong to put pressure on the small life to provide high meanings. We essentially live for living and the questions about the meaning of life cannot be necessary conditions for living.

If we add goals or resolutions for living in a better way, such a pressure is not appropriate, since it drives to an unreasonable eagerness of following a career, though we cannot be fully satisfied with it. Also, the failure of following it wrongly makes us to believe that our life is worthless.
The pitiful feelings match better with the small thing which is life and finally will be ourselves. In this case, we may establish pitiful goals which pay attention to what we are and can do and not to what the society demands to us.