vineri, 5 decembrie 2014


The dependency caused by a drug or other material habit (eating, drinking coffee, living in a room or a house, listening music, and so on) does not only drag a large part of an individual to it. It also gives to his life a kind of an unquestionable coherence.

In the case of a spiritual cause of the coherence of someone’s life, he is responsible to give answers for his decisions to be most of the time in a way or another: ‘I chose to be a scholar, a rich man, a poor man, a sportsman, a politician, because of…’ And the statements we use after ‘because of’ are both explanations of our decisions and reasons for living further in the same manner. Finally, we do not know if we lived in a particular way because of our decisions or because of the manner we were explaining them after we made them.

Meanwhile, the dependency on a drug or a material habit, though it may provide a despicable coherence of life, it has the privilege of not lying the dependent persons. They are not forced to explain their constant dependency and thus to force explanations according to which they will live further. The drugs and material habits are solely responsible for the dependency, the persons only for the original choice for them. The relative easy renouncement to personal ambitions for such dependencies is a consequence of the attractiveness of living without any obligation to answer to the questions about our way of life.