luni, 15 decembrie 2014

Terrorism in prosperous and democratic societies

The prosperous and democratic countries owe their existence to a high participation of their citizens to the goals of prosperity and democracy.

The propaganda of politicians for the two values is not the main reason for their popularity. The citizens themselves speak to each other about them. They do not do it in serious discussions about the advantage of following prosperity and democracy, but by discussing about their results. The goods which symbolize the prosperity are the main topics of discussion together with the successful people who possess them.

 The results of democracy become the categories of people which seem worthy being heard by authorities: different sexual, ethnic, or religious minorities. They are also the main topics of public debates.

However, the individual choices which strengthen the personality of a human being are about some paths to follow, not about some already achieved results. The beginning is closer to an individual person than the end which finally makes all the people to be the same thing as dead human beings.

The spontaneous advocates of prosperous and democratic societies fail to see the individual persons in that way. They are considered only starters in the fight for getting the results provided by the society.

Differently, some religions see the man as a permanent beginner in this world, if they preach about a future one where the humanity will achieve its goals. Though the religions talk through different preachers, they claim to transmit the words of a god who does not bother the individual persons like the many voices advocates of the prosperous society. If it is a religion like Islam which praises the martyrdom of a man who chose to leave the world altogether, not only the benefits of a civilized society, the believer sees the value of living by himself, and not in a certain category. The martyr is not even a member of the category of martyrs, since all of them are together only after their death.

Nonetheless, the religious option for building an individual personality is an easy way to grow the power of your person, because the recipe is already given by those religions and is not your own work.

In spite of this limited form of proving the individuality, the prosperous and democratic societies do not know to give solutions for other free ways of manifesting the personal identity of their citizens. They are happy to hide the problem of individuality by condemning the religious phenomena which expose it in the most salient way and often in the most brutal forms.