miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2015

Being hungry

When you are hungry day by day, your search for food becomes more important than the food you find.

The search grows the human intelligence, since you have to plan your chases after food and to drive your thought behind the appearance of the surrounding world in order to find the edible things. This is probably the cause of the development of human brain.

Contrary to the common habit of humans to boast themselves with their intelligence, the active reason during the search for food can inspire pride only when it ceases its activity once the food is found.

Until then, the search makes the human beings to think of them as defective beings, which seem to be unfit for the inedible appearance of the world. At the same time, the world is well known as something different from a tasty bunch of things to be hidden into ourselves whenever we eat them.

The feeling of being defective can deepen a sense of humility which we often find at the poor people or nations, but it also might make someone to want to improve himself defying the opposite appearance of the world. This kind of desire cannot be quenched by the satisfaction of possessing some parts from the edible side of the world. The search for personal improvement has a negative characteristic, too. It has to battle the permanent feeling that the world is tasteless and therefore anyone who lives into it will be tasteless in spite of his achievements.

Nonetheless, the man searching for his improvement often envies the many tastes felt by the one who gets satisfaction eating and having parts of this world. The satisfied people are clearly not better than him, since they do not even think of their improvement, but they seem fitter to this world, though being in the submissive condition of gathering residuals matters from its largeness.