luni, 12 ianuarie 2015


The popular liberal conception about the avoidance of any self-constraint concerning the personal sexual orientation has at its back a loosely Freudian interpretation of the dangers involved by the repressed sexual experiences.

Freud had got much talent in depicting the pathological forms of frustration caused by such a self-constrain, especially by the primary incestuous tendencies.

The defenders of the sexual freedom seem to understand the traditional principles of morality as ways by which other people impose to the individuals the same psychological frustration and so exposed them to the same dangers.

However, the traditional morality is invested with more dangerous consequences than it really could have. It cannot be an inner psychological oppressive force, if it is not assumed as such by each individual. Otherwise, it is only a public call for the value of self-constraint.

If we free ourselves from the Freudian interpretation of frustration, its call for self-constraint and self-control has a reputed value. The self-control is largely recognized as one of the best means by which the individuals can be fitted with the various social statuses and duties. It would be wondrous that the self-constrain would not have the same utility in the private life.

 Since the self-control is not an absolute value in the social life, the personal creativity being also required in many circumstances, we cannot expect that the self-constraint of the sexual tendencies should be a dominant and flawless value for our behavior. But it is still an objective value and not an oppressive force issued by some obscure moralists. On the contrary, the self-indulgence about the sexual orientation may have a negative impact over the development of the individuals, since it makes them to be repulsive to the necessary social constrains, too. Thus, the liberal conceptions could be responsible for promoting anti-social attitudes. For instance, many militants for homosexual relations exhibit much pornography, which is one of the most popular antisocial behaviors in the contemporary societies.